Frequently asked questions

Are the linen fabrics shrinking in the laundry?

Not at all!

Every product in our offer is already steamed before it goes to the sale. That process prevents fabrics from shrinking.

Does the linen stretch while using?

Due to little elasticity, the fibre will possibly stretch because of body temperature. Although it goes back to its shape right after laundry. Linen is durable, resistant to stretching and abrading.

Does the linen need ironing?

It’s not recommended to iron the linen.

Daily ironing makes the fiber weak and after a while it can start to break and be less resistant to abrading. If we really need to use the iron, it should always be at 180-220 degrees.

Do the linen clothing always stay creased?

Creases on the linen fabrics are very common and make it look charming. Those wrinkles are naturally formed and add a little bit of nonchalance to the outfit.

Are those offered clothes rough and rigid in a texture?

Absolutely not.

That is not the matter anymore! Currently linen fabrics are softened so that they become tender and smooth. After every laundry it will get softer even more.

How to take care of the linen clothing?

Linen doesn’t require any special treatment.

Remember to wash your clothes in a temperature below 40 degrees. Use laundry detergents designated to specific colours of your clothing. After washing, you can roll your clothes to make the wrinkles vertical and then hang them on hangers so it will ease them to form their shape.

You can find out more about it here.

Where does our linen come from?

Linen is a 100% Polish product.
Our manufacturing process is based on years of experience in producing Polish flaxseed fabrics.

Thanks to that we minimize the carbon print and negative effects on the environment and also we support the local economy.

Is linen eco-friendly?

Linen is most certainly eco-friendly material. It’s production doesn’t have any damaging effects on the environment. Actually it’s completely the opposite – cultivation of flaxseed fertilizes the soil and helps the regrowing process. Another advantage is the fact that every part of the plant is used, so that the manufacturing doesn’t make any waste. Importantly, flaxseed occurs naturally in our region and thankfully it doesn’t need any long-distance transportation so it reduces the possible carbon footprint.

Flaxseed fabrics are completely natural and biodegradable. There are no artificial additives in the blend. The durability and resistance of the fabrics, allows the clothing to last longer. Thanks to that we reduce the amount of waste and minimize the environmental pollution .

Linen and any flaxseed fabrics are absolutely eco-friendly.

Are all the products available “Off-The-Shelf”?

We make every effort to have all of the offered products available for You immediately. Despite that, sometimes because of a huge interest in our products and the length of a manufacturing process, it might be possible that we will not be able to send you the parcel straight away. Don’t worry though. We will organize the customized order fulfillment within 4 days. You will always be noted about the progress of your order.

Don’t hesitate to ask more questions!

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