agata mażul

Image creator / personal stylist
Welcome to “MY” world of fashion!
I’ll gladly share my knowledge and skills to help you choose the perfect style for each of you.

Fashion was always an inseparable part of my life. It has been with me since I can remember, because I was raised by a very talented textile designer. From my earliest years, the outer appearance had a huge impact on my well-being and self-confidence. The ability to create the styling was growing along with all the criticism I used to receive, which also motivated me the most to establish my own image. I graduated from the best school in Cracow and expanded my theoretical knowledge of the world of fashion. My client’s gave me a lot of feedback and every time my skills were admired and deeply appreciated.

Nontrivial combination of styles, bold approach to fabrics and textures as well as love towards the colour black are my main signatures.
Classic and extravagance – I merge those two different perspectives into even, flawless and perfect wholeness.
Here are a few questions that will help us create your perfect outfit.