Flax is a natural wonder

Organically produced flax yarn fabrics are distinguished between the other materials with remarkable properties.

The flax linen fabric is antiallergic and shows antibacterial properties. The material is sturdy, resistant to abrading and stretching. Moreover, the linen doesn’t pick up statics and doesn’t tend to create fluff. Clothing as well as home appliances may suit for many years of use.

Linen stands out with its high moisture absorption and airiness. Flax fabric also shows thermoregulation properties. That’s why it’s especially used for summer clothing – during the sweltering days it makes you feel cool, and during winter it keeps a comfortable body temperature. It applies also for linen bed linens – perfect use throughout the whole year.

What’s more important, the flax fibre is natural and biodegradable. We use purely polish linen for tailoring and that way we reduce the negative impact for the environment.

Linen properties

How to take care of linen clothing

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Flax plant is highly beneficial.

Besides the fact that it produces oxygen when growing, it doesn’t have any negative impact on surrounding flora and fauna, and its production process is not harmful for the environment in any way. Actually, the flax cultivation process has positive effects on fertilisation of the soil and helps to recultivate it. Furthermore, every part of the plant is used, for example the stems, flowers and roots are the base for different fabrics, the linseed can become a very healthy oil, the other parts can also be used to produce a high quality paper (like in banknotes), even fodder for animals or fiberboards common in construction. The only waste is dust coming out from a production process.

The essential fact is that flaxseeds are naturally cultivated in our region, so it doesn’t need long distance transportation which makes very little carbon print in the air.